Katsuhiro Otomo is one of the best, and the greatest modern anime director. He’s also the face behind many of the famous movies in the genre like Metropolis, Steamboy and Memories. He’s also the first Japanese director to receive the award for Purple Medal of Honor and the Grand Prix d’Angouleme in Japan. In this article, we will consider the top 10 of Otomo’s Manga works. Stick around to find out

World Apartment Horror

It is an interesting horror and action based manga that is subjected to and inspired from an animated movie collaborating Katsuhiro Otomo and Satoshi Kon. The movie also won at the Yokohama Film festival for the best movie of all times.


This is a unique manga movie where the entire story line is based on the point of view of the visitors. The only time you actually see the man’s face or body is though his reflection in the door knob. This mysterious movie is an all-time favorite for many of the Japanese audiences globally.

Short Peace

It is a series of comedy and drama that was released from 1976 to 1979, which is based on science and fiction and a bit of black humor. The diversity of the series was loved and accepted by everyone, even the non-Japanese viewers.


Hansel and Gretel

This manga volume is a collection of parodies that expand on the concept of parody. It showcases the collection of evolving arts, with a hint on diversity and humor.

Sayonara Nippon

It is a short story that is based on two Japanese citizens who struggle to live with the stigma of selling out their cultures. It is another work of Otomo that concentrates on memories, nationalism and identity.


It is one of the general themes of Otomo’s work which is based on generalization and division in Japan. The short story is based on the different approaches to life which also has an interesting catch for all the viewers of the story.

The third mask: Batman Black, and White

This particular series was published in 1996 which showcases the director’s ability to adapt to any genre and adapt to any medium storyteller versions of movies. This work of the director depicts his abilities and turns, and entire series into a short movie about Batman. The third mask was a result of the experiment.

Legend of Mother Sarah

It is a series which was released from 1990 to 2004. It is one of the most well-known manga series creased by the director. It is based on the sci-fi version of family, love and survival.

Domu: A child’s dream

It is another one of the classic age v/s youth story of from the director. Although the storyline does not depict one of this best works, they’re still well enough together a place on the top 10 list.


This particular version has six volumes and was released from 1982 to 1990. It is a legendary movie that is based on one of the Marvel Comics.